School Trip to Brossac Lake in France

Brossac Lake /Etang Vallier

During your school trip to France, be sure to visit Brossac Lake (Etang Vallier en fran├žais), a scenic man-made lake located within walking distance from La Giraudiere. After a week of learning and sightseeing, the children will be eager to put on their swimming costumes and have some fun!

Covering nearly four hectares, Etang Vallier is a tranquil pond with excellent water quality. Here you can spend some time lounging on the sandy beach or relaxing under the pines near the water. Activities and amenities include fishing, canoe, kayak and sailboat rentals (in season), playground equipment, children’s games, spa facitilies, a restaurant and snack bar, as well as showers and toilets.


Sample Itinerary

08.00-08.30 a.m. – Continental Breakfast
08.30-09.00 a.m. – Slow walk to the Brossac Lake – 20-30 Minutes
09.00-09.15 a.m. – Toilet break
09.15-12.00 p.m. – A variety of water sports, swimming and activities available
12.00-13.00 p.m. – Lunch at Quai Sud Restaurant across the road from the lake
13.00-13.30 p.m. – Slow walk back to La Giraudiere – 20-30 Minutes
14.00-16.00 p.m. – French Language Lesson – Pupils will benefit from the knowledge
and guidance of a local qualified French teacher. The lessons provide a great
opportunity for students to improve their French language skills.
17.00- 18.00 p.m. Approx – Evening Dinner

SAFETY and SECURITY NOTE: Bright illuminated vests are available for student use, and each is clearly marked to identify the child as a participant of a school group staying at La Giraudiere.

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